Urban Legend Giveaway 2017

[Giveaway is CLOSED]

Well, for the last several months (let’s say November 8th-ish of last year) I’ve been in a bit of a slump. My mood has suffered, my writing has suffered, and I’m not putting my spoons where they need to go. It’s been frustrating to have little islands of productivity in a sea of lethargy.

So what to do?

Throw a frikkin party, that’s how! ^_^

My debut book, Urban Legend, has been out for almost six months now and I still can’t really believe I’m a published author. All the data points to it being true, I *am* a self-published author, but it’s never really felt true. That’s possibly been a part of the problem. It’s dangerous to act solely off what “feels” right, without it being tempered by an objective view of reality. Just as damaging as having a narcissistic “always a winner” attitude, so can having a dejected “always a loser” outlook. I’ve been dipping into the latter and I’m looking to pull myself out of that.

Hence PARTY!

From now until February 28th at 11:29 Central Time (UCT/GMT -6), everyone who signs up for the URBAN LEGEND NEWSLETTER are automatically entered into a drawing in early March for a bunch of fun stuffs. The prizes follow thusly:

1 GRAND PRIZE Winner (U.S. only)

Urban Legend T-Shirt
Urban Legend Mug
Urban Legend Print Book (signed)
Urban Legend Poster (signed)
Urban Legend Buttons (2)
Urban Legend Bookmarks (2)

1 SECOND PRIZE Winner (U.S., International)

Urban Legend Print Book (signed)
Urban Legend Poster (signed)
Urban Legend Buttons (2)
Urban Legend Bookmarks (2)

3 THIRD PRIZE Winners (U.S., International)

Urban Legend Print Book (signed)
Urban Legend Bookmarks (2)

Be sure to sign up now and reserve your name in the drawing! Also, everyone who signs up will get a little something in March: Exclusive content related to Urban Legend that expands the context of Rylee’s manifestation and introduces a couple characters that will be major players in later books.

As a bit of an extra giveaway, the ebook version of Urban Legend will be free from February 13th through the 17th. This is unrelated, but a last hurrah before I leave KDP Select and look at going wide.

I am looking forward to this and hope to see your name in the pool of entrants!



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