Crowdfunding Platform for Pre-Release Buzz and Incentives?

I came up with an idea yesterday to possibly use a crowdfunding site to power a pre-release campaign and I was wondering what others thought about it.

Traditionally, crowdfunding is used to collect pledges in return for rewards (items or services) related to the project.Β  These pledges are designed to distribute the rewards and use the surplus to feed the project. There is quite a bit of controversy using this method because I have seen pledge goals upwards of $20,000 which is just ridiculous. At the same time, it can be a great resource for writers with limited funds to build up enough advance cash to pay for the essentials (professional book cover and editing/proofreading).

I want to do something a little different.

Instead of making a profit, I want to make the pledges *at cost*. The ebook would be released at $1.99, so a $2 pledge would get a patron the ebook. Doing the math, I would actually be losing money, because of the tax. But that can be justified into a marketing budget because this is EXACTLY what I want to with this. I am editing the manuscript now, I have the money for all the things, and I’m looking for exposure. I could set up my own platform, but a crowdfunding site allows for more reach, credibility, and security for both the project creator and potential patrons.

Below is a VERY rough draft of what I want to do. I am looking to fail small and before I put more time and energy into this, I want to make sure it’s not smarmy or uncooth. Please answer the poll at the bottom and if there are any comments and critiques, please let me know. More info only helps!

Crowdfunding Campaign

Urban Legend: Student (Book #2 of the Urban Legend series)

cs9_7ypxeaa_apa-jpg-largeRylee is enrolled into Artemis Academy: a school designed to teach her to control and push the limits of her magic. But while she has gained allies, enemies lurk in the halls. Jeremy has not forgotten nor forgiven what Rylee did to his brother and he will stop at nothing until he sees justice.

Plunge into the second installment of Urban Legend as Rylee tries to grasp the fundamentals of magic while dealing with a mentor who lies to “protect” her, rooms with a part-fae, and butts heads with fellow students that include a werebear.

Rylee never backs down from a challenge. No matter the cost.

Pledges – Rewards – (cost breakdown)

$2 – Book 2 ebook – ($1.99 on Amazon, no shipping)
$7 – Above + Print – ($4.99 on Amazon, no shipping)
$10 – Above + Book 2 Swag (Bookmarks and buttons @ $1, est. $2 shipping)
$11 – Above + Book 1 ebook ($.99 on Amazon, no shipping)
$15 – Above + Book 1 print ($3.99 on Amazon, no shipping), *OR*
$15 – Above + Book 1 print signed ($3.99 from Author, including shipping)

Again, this is a very rough sketch and it doesn’t include everything I might want to put up for rewards but it gives an outline of what I’d want to do. Please let me know what you think below and spread the word! πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Crowdfunding Platform for Pre-Release Buzz and Incentives?

  1. This is a really cool idea! I like the thought of giving your readers an option to get some extra treats (book marks, a signed copy, etc). I think using Crowdfunding would scare people away, though, simply because when people think “Crowdfunding,” they think somebody is trying to get them to give away money. Which is clearly not what you are doing, but the stigma might hurt you. Could you take this idea and host it here on your blog? Or set up a website for the purpose? Might work better. Anyway, those are my thoughts, but I’m no expert. πŸ™‚ Brilliant concept, though!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah the more input I’m getting is not only would it be clunky for what I want to do, but indeed the wrong format. I don’t want to turn people off on it. Gonna collect a bit more data but it’s looking like Imma go a different way for launch incentives. πŸ™‚


  2. I can’t remember the name of it, but there is actually a specific website that does this for authors/books! I believe they even offer publishing deals to the campaigns that gain a lot of interest too! I haven’t looked into it in months, but I know it exists πŸ˜„


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