#WIPjoy – September 2016

Back in February, I was kinda poking around with this story about a contemporary world that featured magic as a part of the day-to-day social and economic concerns. About that time, a writer by the name of Bethany A. Jennings set up this fun thing called #WIPjoy:

Every day for the month of March there would be a little prompt to post a tweet for your current Work-In-Progress about a line, character, setting, and just about every aspect of a manuscript you could think of.

I decided to give it a go, figuring it might stir up some creative juices for my little idea. Well, in no small part thanks to #WIPjoy, that little idea blossomed into my debut book last August, URBAN LEGEND (Available for Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited).

Since then, #WIPjoy has only grown with new WIPjoy months every quarter. Last month, in September, I completed my second #WIPjoy (I had to bow out for the June one) about the next installment in the Urban Legend series.

I can’t wait for the next #WIPjoy in January 2017 and I invite/challenge all authors of all calibers to participate. It is amazing fun, a way to disipine and focus the current work-in-progress, and an amzing opportunity to connect with fellow writers.

#WIPjoy – September 2016


#WIPjoy 1 – 2nd book of URBAN LEGEND. An orphaned teen enrolls into Artemis Academy to learn to control her magic and meets with rivals.

#WIPjoy 2 – I’ve already finished my first draft of URBAN LEGEND II, now doing some major revisions.

#WIPjoy 3 – URBAN LEGEND II in 5 verbs: Meeting, Learning, Scheming, Baiting, and Brawling

#WIPjoy 4 -With Artemis Academy I evoke that the school is efficient, a place for unleashing potential, and a bit of unnerving with mystery.

#WIPjoy 5 – “At one point, everything Rylee owned fit in a cheap nylon duffle. Not even a big one.”

#WIPjoy 6 – Jeremy loves his brother Darius so much he is blind to anything other than dole out justice for what Rylee did.

#WIPjoy 7 – Arthur and Gabriel together trained/rose up the ranks of the US Department of Mysticism and Metaphysics, but v. dif methods.

#WIPjoy 8 –
Sight of Faery Glamour
Sounds of hushed disbelief
Scent of ozone
Taste of own blood
Feel of fist punching gut

#WIPjoy 9 – Artemis Academy is loosely based on my experience with junior college. It was basically high school 2.0.

#WIPjoy 10 – “The more Rylee looked outside, the more things seemed distorted. As if the cityscape was some elaborate, deceptive decoupage.”

Protagonist Takeover Week: “Yeah so I’m Rylee. I’m a student at Artemis Academy and can we move this along? I got stuff to do.”

#WIPjoy 11 – “Regrets? Yeah, I’ve heard of those. …What about them?”

#WIPjoy 12 – “Okay so don’t tell anyone but I don’t actually think Rose is a turd. She’s… kinda the sister I never had.”

#WIPjoy 13 – “Something heavy and painful will do. Arthur says its supposed to be my ‘mind’. Whatever the hell that means.”

#WIPjoy 14 – “…Seriously? That’s your question? Yeah I think I’ve beaten up every boy I’ve met so what does that tell you?”

#WIPjoy 15 – “The person who thinks controls me? HA! That’s a good one. No seriously, what’s the real question?”


#WIPjoy 17 – “Yeah, I’m done. *leaves, muttering* (Stupid-ass questions. I don’t have time for this, when I find Arthur…)”

#WIPjoy 18 – Rylee: “If I’d known kicking his ass would have done all this… Well, I still would have, but been less of a jerk about it.”

#WIPjoy 19 – I’m writing URBAN LEGEND because fantasy is the best medium for addressing personal and social issues in a new context.

#WIPjoy 20 – Honestly, a bit of this is written for those asshats who poo-poo YA lit for not being worth anyone’s time. Buckle-up Buttercup. YA hits big, complex themes and issues like any well written work does. I’d like to consider URBAN LEGEND strives to do the same.

#WIPjoy 21 – Hardest thing now is just sitting down and getting edits done. It’s an intimidating task to restructure the whole thing.

#WIPjoy 22 – The picture that most encompasses my WIP is a mock-up of my cover. Not final render, but still close!

#WIPjoy 23 – Magic exists side by side with the modern world and there is a US Department of Mysticism and Metaphysics.

#WIPjoy 24 – A line from URBAN LEGEND that is an example of my writing voice:

#WIPjoy 25 – I’d mash up Urban Legend with Hunger Games. Rylee would be alarming adept at the games and subsequent revolution.

#WIPjoy 26 – Shout Out to without whom URBAN LEGEND would not be possible: @JenniferAcres. My wife, writing partner, and partner in crime. ❤

#WIPjoy 27 – Some of the character interaction is pulled from conversations with my wife, siblings, family, and friends. It gets wacky!

#WIPjoy 28 – When Rylee and Rose say goodbye.

#WIPjoy 29 – Writer Tweeps who inspire me: @JenniferAcres @simmeringmind @NWilson31 @brianawrites @Brianna_daSilva @BriannaShrum @EveyJacob @TheQuietPen @ELAdams12 @ErinRhewBooks @jess_calla @JettimusMaximus @KT_Ivanrest @_HannahHeath @JBJNovels @JennyBravoBooks @writerkrisnoel @AdamDreece @RebekahNovella @HLVanFleet @KMWeiland

#WIPjoy 30 – Rylee goes to Artemis Academy to learn about her abilities while another plots to destroy her for what she did to his brother.


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