Post Mortem – UL Launch Party

Urban Legend_medIt is insane to think I’m a published author. I’ve been running full speed since the launch with my day job, today is my first day off and I still feel the realization seeping in. It’s crazy.

I was going to do a vlog post today, but the set-up and editing will take up to much of my day. So text it is!

So running a giveaway is a TON of work. Almost done with it, though! I’ve heard back from most of the winners, just waiting on the last few for mailing addresses and once they are all confirmed then prizes will be sent and all will be well.

I’ve learned a lot from the launch, namely the things I will NOT be doing again. I hit my limits hard and I don’t think it was incredibly bright of me to do a 24-hour thing. Ambitious, yes. Intelligent, not so much. I’d need a support staff and a bunch of other things to happen before I did that again. The giveaway though, was awesome and my favorite part, so when (yes ‘when’) I do another one, I’ll spread out the fun over a period of time. Maybe a week, maybe more for bigger prizes.

During September, I’ll be working on Urban Legend Book II. It’s in its second draft and still needs a lot of revising. I’m also working on a print version of the first Urban Legend. Maybe once I hold my own book in my hand it’ll finally hit me like a ton of bricks. As it is, I keep chugging along, building up steam. A train doesn’t go from 0 to 60 in 2.1 seconds, but once it gets going, nothing can stop it >:D



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