Urban Legend Release – August 23rd

Urban Legend_medOne week. Holy crap, one week until my first book is published. It doesn’t even feel real, so much has been happening it’s kinda become background noise. But this is what I’ve been working on for more than a decade. This is the fruition of all my labor.

Holy crap.

Well, there is still a lot more work to do. I’m not a one-hit wonder, Urban Legend is a series for goodness sake and I’ve got the next 5 installments outlined and the next… 30(ish) conceptualized. So there a ton of stuff to get moving so I gotta get cracking.

Launch Party

FB Event_Final_00000Next week I’m hosting a Launch Party for my book. It’s going to be 24 hours of giveaways, live streams, silliness, awesomeness, and I just realized I’m 30, so there is a very real chance it might kill me (well not really, I’ll take naps). Realistically, I’m probably making too big of a deal about it, I don’t need to do anything crazy like that. But this IS what I’ve been working my entire adult life towards so yes, Imma get a little crazy and make sure everyone has crazy fun!

To that end, the giveaways are going to be the real main event. Here is the schedule:

Main Giveaway:
Aug. 23, 10am -> Aug 24 10am (CDT / GMT -5)
1 Tier I Prize
5 Tier II Prizes
10 Tier III Prizes

Lightning Giveaways:
(all times: CDT / GMT -5)
(1) Aug. 23, 12pm-4pm
(2) Aug. 23, 6pm-10pm
(3) Aug. 24, 12am-4am
(4) Aug. 24, 6am-10am
1 Tier II Prize
3 Tier III Prizes

So, all in all, there will be 32 winners with the potential to win multiple times!


I didn’t want to clutter the schedule with all the prizes that will be up for grabs (and there are a lot of them). Each ‘Tier’ builds on each other so Tier I gets all the ones below plus the Grand Prize. Is it a little convoluted, very possibly. But It also means lots of people gets lots of stuffs so please take advantage of my over-complication system of rewards! ^_^

Tier III:
Urban Legend eBook Amazon Voucher + (4) Urban Legend Bookmarks + (2) Urban Legend Buttons (2 designs).

Tier II:
All Tier III items + Urban Legend Poster + Urban Legend *Secret Item*

Tier I:
All Tier III and II items + Urban Legend T-Shirt

Tier I_00000So for anyone who wants the math done, with the main giveaway and lightning giveaways there will be (1) Tier I prize, total (9) Tier II prizes, and total (32) Tier I prizes! Boiling it down even further, for the whole giveaway, I am giving away (1) T-Shirt, (10) Posters, (10) Secret Items, (32) eBooks, (64) buttons, and (128) bookmarks! Grand total of 245 things! I need to get them off my hands and it might as well be into yours. I’ve already go some of them in with the rest on the way!

Live Streams

As for the live streams, I’m still working on the times and content. They aren’t going to be too long, and will be available to view after the session so no one misses anything.

STORYGEAR(1)The live streams will be held on my StoryGear channel on Youtube so be sure to subscribe so you can stay updated!

Tentatively the live streams will start:
(all times: CDT / GMT -5)
Aug. 23, 10am
Aug. 23, 4pm
Aug. 23, 8pm
Aug. 24, 12am
Aug. 24, 6am
Aug, 24, 10am

Content will vary from the hilarious, to the profound, to the engaging, back to a bit of the hilarity (I may or may not be planning to sing selections of Hamilton while on helium, you’ll have to see).

There are already 50+ people going/interested on the FB event and it is my hope that you are one of them. Looking forward to next week!




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