777 Game

I’m not usually tagged for writerly games, so when Jette Harris challenged me on twitter I couldn’t help but jump on it!

These are the first 7 lines of the 7th page of my WIP, Urban Legend and below are my 7 tags:

“A mound of dirt fell from out of nowhere onto them.
Rose let out a yelp of surprise and disgust and jumped up. Rylee waited a two count so she wouldn’t accidentally hit Rose, then got to her feet, ready to reply with excessive violence.
She heard boy voices, but dirt still cluttered her eyes and she got knocked to the ground and onto her side. Rylee caught herself, rolled back so she came up on one knee, swiped the dirt from her eyes, and glared up at her attacker.”

Originally it was a Facebook-based game, but like Jette I’m challenging on twitter.

Jennifer Acres
Emma Adams
Brianna da Silva
Bethany A. Jennings
Briana Morgan
Brianna Shrum
Nicole Wilson


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