Free Reads Announcement!

Lots of stuffs happening with writing. Not all of it quickly, but it’s been going. I am announcing that once* a week, starting the first of May, I’ll be releasing chapters of a novelette I’ve been writing as a sort of side project.

Travels_00000It is called “The Travels of Ketch” and is a companion work to “Urban Legend” (which will be released late spring/early summer). Ketch is an Imp who lives in the marshes, is exiled, and journeys to find a new home. He has adventures and meets many different peoples including mermaids, dragons, and ursine.

Eventually, the chapters will be compiled into a real book to be published as a free ebook for those who join my newsletter coming out later this year.

If this is something you’d be interested in being a part of, please follow this blog so you can get notified of the chapters as they arrive. I’m very excited pulling this all together and I’m interested in what you all think of it!


*Edit: Originally it was going to be twice a week, but my workload ended up not allowing it.


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