Authoring is More Than Writing

I’ve found myself using the term ‘authoring’ a bit and it wasn’t until recently I stopped and thought about it. Initially, I just used it as an interchangeable synonym for writing, but then I realized it could mean so much more than that.

Writing is a thing that I do to become a full-time author. It’s arguably the most direct thing I could do. But then writing isn’t everything. There is story conceptualization,  pre-writing, editing (sooooo much editing!), and now I’m gearing up for publishing/marketing-all can be placed under the heading of ‘authoring’.

But wait there’s more! How do I juggle the demands of a husband, full-time day-career employee, general adulting, AND authoring at the same time? Plus any author worth their salt needs to read books inside and outside their genre. So time management, project scheduling, market research, and pulling together all the odds and ends that allow me to directly write/edit/publish can all be categorized as ‘authoring’.

Very quickly it becomes apparent that ‘authoring’ is more than a thing that is done, it’s integrated into the very fiber of my life and lifestyle. That’s what separates the aspiring hobbyists from the dedicated professionals.

Lemme tell you, it’s intense, brutal, scary, and not for those who aren’t willing to give their blood, sweat, and tears (and hopefully no other bodily fluids) to the work. In the end though, the payoff is worth it.




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